“Tangled Musings.” “Musing,” like “muse.”

What is my muse? Where does it come from?

Let me be confess: my life is fairly dull. Pretty uneventful, pretty routine, pretty much all year. So, since this blog is said to be “Inspired by life,” maybe it comes across as rather dull, too, and I hope not, but, as Ann Beattie once said, “The problem with diaries is that every day we vacillate between examining our hangnails and speculating on cosmic order.” Maybe it’s just bound to happen.

“Muse” can be generally defined as “a source of artistic inspiration” and I think that can come from anywhere. Like, one of the short stories I put in my Creative Writing portfolio earlier this semester was actually inspired by one of my favorite iPhone apps, a Pixelberry game called Choices. A single line of dialogue in that game lent itself to seven pages’ worth of writing, and it doesn’t have to stay cut off at just seven.

Whenever people ask about my writing, I tell them that I don’t really have a genre: if I have an idea I like, then I will just take it and go. I do like to play with darker elements, and that dark piece of dialogue from Choices lent itself well to “Emmaline.” I will say, though, that my life isn’t dark at all, and maybe that influences how I like to incorporate darkness into my stories.

You know, I just thought, on my way to work this morning, that I should showcase a little of my writing here. Maybe I’ll do that… Maybe I’ll post just a snippet of “Emmaline” and you see if you can guess which line my muse might have come from. 😉

3 thoughts on “Musings…Muses

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  2. “I cover myself with small thoughts, never wanting to share the real me with others”. One day bursting into full bloom like the flowers in my window box.


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