Après Christmas Day

Anybody else recuperating from the excitement of a busy Christmas Eve and Day? Yes, you too? Good! Everyone deserves a little down time now and then. After some cleaning this morning, and a long shower, I’m spending some of my down time in bed with my new MacBook Pro, some TV, books, coffee, and a candle burning. This one—one of Bath & Body Works’ fall scents, “Cider Lane”—is nearing the end of its life, and I’m pretty excited for that because I got two new candles yesterday! The one from Dylan, an aromatherapy candle designed to help me “Choose Happiness,” is a very refreshing scent: “Sparkling yuzu and lime with essential oils of immortelle & lime peel” and makes the list of my three favorite gifts that I received for Christmas this year. The other two are an adorable Snoopy perpetual calendar from Hallmark, which shows Snoopy sitting on top of his doghouse (of course) with his typewriter, and a coffee cup with one of my favorite writing quotes on both front and back—insofar as a round coffee cup has a front and back—and my first name printed down the side. Gifts to promote happiness, writing, and a smile on my face, and a thousand thank you’s to my family—my side and Dylan’s side—who do mean more to me than even the perfect presents they gave. I love each and every one of you, and there’s no one I’d rather have spent my favorite holiday with.

A pretty great end to a pretty great holiday, capping off a pretty great year. More to come later about my “year in review” and what I hope 2017 might look like. For now, here’s what I hope the rest of today might look like: finishing Return to Arroyo Grande, one of the books I’ve gotten from work, which is comprised of interrelated, magical realism short stories and is very good, and perhaps also read the French copy of Madeleine that my mom found for me for Christmas. I have wanted to read a French book or watch a French movie during my holiday break so my skills don’t completely disappear, and what better book to start with? It’s a children’s book, yes, so very simple, but it’s one that transports me back to my childhood, when Madeline was one of my favorite characters and one of my favorite TV programs. I credit my obsession with France to that, and, let’s be honest, every child has a few things he or she will never outgrow.

Another element of my childhood that I’ll never outgrow is Dr. Seuss, and I spent about ten minutes earlier just “liking” various Dr. Seuss quotes on Goodreads. Ever notice how his books for children are just filled with the best advice? More adults should take notice of that, I believe. I still don’t plan on having children, but I won’t deny that a lot can be learned from a child. Even just through looking at the world with the innocence of childlike wonder. It’s funny how easy it is to lose that as we grow up.

Hey, anyway, enough about that for now! Today is for relaxing, not ruminating on the human psychological condition. With that, I’m going to get off here and back to my quotes and my books. I wish you a quiet day, filled with peace, happiness, and holiday leftovers. A belated Merry Christmas to all, and just as well, happy December 26th, everyone. Make the most of the rest of today!


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