It’s all the same to the clam…

“I think you have to decide who your audience is. If you don’t pick your audience, you’re lost because you’re not really talking to anybody.”

— Julia Child

I stumbled upon this quote a few weeks ago while obsessively searching the World Wide Web for information about Julia Child, after having watched Amy Adams’ and Meryl Streep’s Julie & Julia for the fourth or fifth time; if you haven’t seen it, and you enjoy cooking, or movies about cooking, or food, I highly recommend it. At the end of the movie, it’s shown that Julia Child’s ninth and last kitchen, from Cambridge, Massachusetts, is exhibited in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History—and how does that not seize your interest?

Anyway, I suppose Mrs. Child made a valid point: who are you really talking to, anyway, if not to a specific audience? Who am I talking to? Hello! Is there even anybody out there!?

But, let’s think about this: blogging is a lot like journaling, right, except it’s public, so really, I’m talking to myself and just leaving it out for anybody to read if they feel like it. So, am I my audience, or am I just typing aimlessly into cyberspace, kind of like the idea of a Shakespearean soliloquy, like Hamlet’s “To be, or not to be…” speech…because a soliloquy in theater isn’t really directed at the audience…

It’s after 8:00 on a Thursday night, and I’m sitting in my usual chair in my church’s auditorium—second row on the right side, second chair—with my laptop in my lap. The worship team, minus Dylan’s dad tonight, just finished weekly band practice, and I remember a couple of years ago, it was the same circumstances, same chair, where I created my very first blog post and sent it out into the world.

That was a few blogs ago, of course, and has long been erased, but since they say anything put on the Internet never truly disappears from existence, maybe you can still stumble upon it someplace. I’m not sure I would recognize it now, if I did.

A lot has happened in the time that’s passed since then, and I just like to sit in my chair, type on my keyboard, and think about how much time has passed, how different my life is in some ways, and how the same it is in others. How this is a post on a different blog, on a different blogging platform, even, but how it’s the same place, same time of day, same activity. Same person.

Same audience, because if I don’t have a specific audience in mind…I can’t know whether it’s any different.

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